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The World Bank states, "Despite decades of effort...and $30 billion of water investment in developing countries each year…an estimated 10,000 people…die every day from water and excreta-related diseases. Thousands more suffer debilitating illnesses. The tragedy is that these deaths and illnesses are entirely preventable..."
Products and Services
In addition to water purification systems, we also offer friendly, professional equipment sourcing, project development, and project management services.  We connect the need for sustainable, energy efficient, and low-cost infrastructure projects in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America with technical and financial resources in the United States and Canada.
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Solar Electric Power Systems                   Equipment Sourcing
Solar Water Heating Systems                   Housing Construction
Solar Powered Road Lighting Systems        Waste Water Treatment
Waste to Energy Electrical Power             Road Construction
Hydrocarbon Remidiation                         Oil Storage Tank Cleaning
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Project Development                              Project Planning
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The Global Water Crisis
The impact of contaminated drinking water is staggering. Eighty percent of illnesses in developing countries are blamed on water-borne diseases, resulting in an estimated 2.5 billion illnesses and 5 million deaths each year.

Safe Water Systems was founded in 1996 to provide cost-effective solutions for the world-wide contaminated water crisis. We specialize in products that utilize solar energy to disinfect and purify water, desalinate water and pump water in areas where conventional water treatment facilities are not available.
Regardless of the type of water contamination, we can design, specify, install and support an appropriate technology that solves the problem.

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The mission of Safe Water Systems is to significantly improve
the health and quality of life for millions of people worldwide
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