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 Frequently Asked Questions 
How Does Pasteurization Work?
Pasteur’s research proved that sufficiently heating a substance destroys all disease-causing germs. Pasteurization is a function of time and temperature. If heat is applied for a long period of time, disinfection will occur at a lower temperature. At higher temperatures, disinfection occurs in a shorter period of time.

How Does the SunRay 30 Pasteurize Water?
Making safe, pure water couldn’t be easier. Simply pour contaminated water into the 10 individual bottles, insert the bottles into the housing, place the unit in direct sunlight and in about one hour the water will be disinfected.

When pasteurization is complete, the permanent, reusable thermal indicator will change color. This shows that the water is now free from disease-causing mircroorganisms, and is safe to drink,  The bottles can be removed and a second set of bottles can be filled and pasteurized.  Each bottle holds .75 liters and the ten bottles contain 7.5 liters total. On very sunny days two or three batches can be treated.

How Does the SunRay 1000 Pasteurize Water?
Water flows through the SunRay 1000 whenever there is enough heat in the collector to pasteurize the water. Contaminated water from the supply source enters the SunRay 1000. When the water reaches pasteurization temperature of 80oC / 175oF, the heat actuated control valve opens and releases the now disinfected water. Before flowing to an adjacent storage tank, heat from the pasteurized water is transferred to the cold water entering the unit.
What else do I need to use the SunRay 30?
Nothing! It is ready to go right out of the box. For convenience, tyou may wish to purchase a second set of bottles but it is not necessary.

What else do I need to install the SunRay 1000?
A tank to store the disinfected water is required. We recommend you purchase it as close to the installation site as possible. You will also need a particulate filter, pipe, fittings, hardware and miscellaneous items to install the system. You can purchase these items from a local vendor or purchase an optional installation kit from us.

If the water source is below the level of the SunRay 1000, the water must be transferred to an elevated tank with a hand pump or a solar pump. If a pressurized or gravity flow water source is available, the SunRay 1000 may be connected directly to it. See the SunRay 1000 Pre-Installation Guidelines and SunRay 1000 Installation Instructions for more details.

Will I need a skilled technician to install the SunRay 1000?
Installing the SunRay 1000 is not difficult. A complete and detailed installation manual is provided. It is helpful if at least one person helping with the installation has experience with plumbing pipe and fittings.

When will the SunRay 30 be available for purchase?
The SunRay 30 is currently being completely redesigned. The first units for field testing will be available in the third quarter of 2008. Full production of the new model is expected in the fourth quarter
What is the difference between the SunRay 3000 Purifier and SunRay 3000 Desalinator?
The purifier model is for use with fresh water and the desalinator model is for brackish or salt water.
How much will it cost to ship a product to me?
We are happy to provide freight quotations to your final destination for your order. Please let us know what you need though our Request Information form.

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