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“We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully installed the Solar Water Pasteurizer supplied by SAFE WATER SYSTEMS at Sarvaiana Higher Secondary School. All the children of our school and the wards of our orphanage numbering around 2,000 make full use of this hygienic water.”
“The system is totally automated and there is no need for any manual attendance. The yield of safe water is well above the specified capacity of 1000 liters per day. We are getting around 300 liters per hour on sunny days. Regarding pasteurization as claimed by the supplier, the Pathological Dept. of our PSG MSR has certified that the water is safe for drinking purposes.”
“We once again take this opportunity to thank Safe Water Systems of Honolulu for having provided such useful equipment for the children of our School and Orphanage.”
R. Ragupathy, Manager of PSG Industrial Institute, Coimbatore, India; June 19, 1998

"Just a note to let you know that the (Sol*Saver) water pasteurizer is working very well. I was reminded what a blessing it is, again, when Dr. Hillary said the incidence of typhoid fever was much less this year than last, and attributed that, at least in part, to the fact that we were drinking pasteurized water."
Mary Blomquist, Iringa, Tanzania; February 7, 1999

Approximately 1000 people live in the Commune of Miragôane. There is a health station staffed by 1 nurse and 2 health officials. First aid, prenatal care, newborn vaccination, etc, are provided. Ms. Beneese Ferus, the nurse at the health station reports:
“80% of the cases are children with diarrhea, diphtheria and other unusual cases. These diseases have caused the death of several children. In March 2000, four Family Sol*Saver pasteurizers were donated by Safe Water Systems, in partnership with LiFA (www.lightforall.org). Pasteurized water is now used at the health station and also given to patients when they come for consultation.
We have even made arrangements to provide pregnant women and newborn children with clean, drinkable, pasteurized water on the days that the health center is not open. Thanks to that, we have observed a reduction in both infant diseases and in the rate of referral of the children to the C.S. (Center of Health, or major hospitals).  
We have concluded that the water pasteurizers are very effective and certainly play a major positive role in public health at Lhomond, especially among pregnant women, newborns, and young children. We wish to express our thanks to Safe Water System and LiFA for their immeasurable support, particularly to the children of Lhomond.”
Beneese Ferus, Lhomond Health Station, Commune of Miragôane, Department of Grand'Anse, Haiti; November 15, 2000

“The Sol*Saver is now in operation for about 8 months and working quite well. It is producing sufficient quantities of water to answer the needs of the school as well as the town of Vuelta Larga, and the surrounding communities. The townspeople are so proud of the system. It not only is providing them with potable water, but also a feeling of well-being. They are so anxious to tell all that they are the first community in the area which has such a system.”
Ralph Basile, Dominican Republic April 7, 2000 (Rotary Club project: 2 Sol*Saver systems installed)

“We have taken delivery of the Family Sol*Savers, and are even more excited than we were when we originally found out about Safe Water Systems. I sat in absolute amazement when I opened the package and read the instructions - it is just so unbelievably simple! I think that it is an absolutely ingenious mechanism.”
Stephen Barrow, Tikoloko Agricultural Consultants, Johannesburg, South Africa; January 25, 1999

“This project has contributed to better health. In Palo Grande, prior to ’98, the incidence of cases of diarrhea was 25 per day on average at the primary school. Since installation of the system, the incidence has dropped to zero; the kids are more energetic and attentive in school, and have the energy to participate aggressively in sports. Incidence rates have dropped in other communities but numbers were not available during the community visit.”
Tristam B. Johnson Jr., El Salvador February 18, 2000 (Rotary Club ongoing project: 8 Sol*Saver systems installed)

Day 6 - Water Test Results (Pre-Treatment) – 30-April-1999 – Port-au-Prince, Haiti:
“All water samples taken from Medor drinking water sources (5 locations sampled in all) indicate that the water is contaminated with e-coli and fecal coliforms.”
Day 7 - Water Results (Post-Treatment by Solar Water Pasteurizer) – 1-May-1999 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti:
 “Test samples taken from the FAMILY SOL*SAVER solar water pasteurizer indicate that the water is now free of contamination. Gerry Delaquis (founder of LiFA) and I have been consuming this water every day, so we are relieved to see that it is clean, pure and safe to drink. We have not had any negative health effects from the water.”
Paul Kelley, Medor, Haiti; member of Light for All (www.lightforall.org); May 17, 1999

“The SOL*SAVER unit continues to work regularly. It has been working every day since we installed it in 1998. We've had the water tested a couple of times for bacteriological content. The results were excellent.
The university is now at 360 students and 40 faculty and administrative staff. Support staff numbers another 10 - 12. The Solar Water Pasteurizer provides all the drinking and cooking water for the students, faculty and staff.
Student applications lead us to believe that student numbers will be 500 in September 2002 and over 600 in September 2003. Together with a commensurate increase in faculty and staff, the unit will be called upon to supply drinking and cooking water for 700 people. It's been a good product. Thanks for your contribution!”
Arnold W. Blomquist Ph.D., Retired Provost and University Developer, Tumani University, near Iringa, Tanzania; February 18, 2002
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