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It is a common misconception that water must be boiled to disinfect it. In fact, water can be pasteurized, just like milk, juices, wine and beer. Independent laboratory tests confirm that our Solar Water Pasteurizers are 99.999% effective in destroying microbiological contaminants, including all disease-causing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, spores and worms.
Solar Water Pasteurizers use the heat of the sun to disinfect drinking water.  In the same way that boiling water kills harmful bacteria, our Solar Water Pasteurizers achieve the same result without electricity, fuel or chemicals.

By harnessing the sun's heat, Solar Water Pasteurizers generate a sustainable, long-term supply of safe drinking water wherever fresh water is available but is contaminated by bacteria, viruses and protozoa.  They are a simple, effective and low-cost way to make water safe to drink.

Solar Water Pumping Systems use electricity generated from the sun to pump water in rural and remote areas. Water from deep or shallow wells is pumped for domestic, irrigation or animal use. Solar electric panels provide power to long-life pumps for a low-maintenance water supply solution.

Heavy Metal Filters absorb iron, arsenic, lead, mercury and many other heavy metals out of water.  The media has a unique capability to encapuslate contaminats into an inert, non-leachable, non-hazardous residue.  The result is water free of heavy metal contamination as well as a completely safe and harmless by-product.
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